Published on 13 Sep 2021

Promised by Mr. Alain Ekolan ETTY, President of IHE, in July during his thank you tour and also desired by the customary authorities of the affected localities, the visit to the construction site of the development was carried out on Thursday, August 26 2021. This ceremony was enhanced by the presence of the prefectural body of the department of Taabo headed by the Prefect, the Departmental Director of Health and the heads of the villages namely Singrobo, Ahouaty, Ahénémou 2, Pacobo and N'Dènou accompanied by their notables.

For the head of the company promoting the project, this invitation serves a dual purpose. Namely, to allow its guests to discover for themselves, the extent and immensity of the work already done but also and above all to solemnly celebrate those who, by agreeing to cede their land, allowed a personal dream to become a national reality.

In addition, the President of IHE is delighted with the completion of the project: « We are working so that the first half of 2023 sees the inauguration of the work. This is a project that we have been working on for over 10 years. Fortunately, the most difficult period has passed and that we are fully in the realization of the long awaited dam. This is an opportunity for us to once again salute the good collaboration between IHE and the local authorities as well as the managers of the five affected villages. »

Below are some press clippings related to this visit:

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