Implementation of BAP 25: "Support for small farms"
Published on 03 Aug 2022
This Monday, June 2022, 27 took place at the Prefecture of Taabo the launch ceremony of the 
BAP25 "Support for small farms". This ceremony was placed under the presidency of the Prefect of the
Department of Taabo in the presence of the Director General of Ivoire Hydro Energy (IHE)
Christophe BLAIRON as well as that of Waters and Forests, the departmental directorates of Animal Resources,
the Agriculture and community leaders from the 13 villages in the PAHSA area.
This BAP25 measure aims to reduce the increased mortality of certain wild species of high culinary interest.
In fact, the constant increase in hunting pressure linked to social influxes tends to reduce the supply capacities
of populations with wild proteins (game).
This measure should therefore make it possible to significantly reduce the pressure on wildlife by promoting
the breeding of wild animals. IHE therefore plans through this measure to accompany and support the
development of a local livestock sector which will then have to ensure its own economic viability.
To this end, 20 candidates, from 13 villages, received theoretical and practical training as well as full support
over the period from June 27, 2022 to July 09, 2022 at EPP Taabo. At the end of the training cycle, they were
given their first cages, their first parents and they will be supported for the first 12 months by the IHE
service provider.
We wish them all great success and prosperity!
Below is the press clipping related to this workshop: